Fun Brain Exercises

Our brain is a very vital organ in our system which control every activity that goes on in our body. If our brain dies, we die. Our muscles increase in size and shape when we exercise them. The same applies to our brain function. One good thing we can do to ourselves is by exercising our brain always to increase its cognitive function. Below are some fun brain exercises we can perform with ease everyday to boost our brain’s function.

1. Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth. In doing this, the opposite side of the brain is being used. As a result, there is increase growth of the parts of the cortex of the brain which control and send tactile messages from the hand.

2. Close your eyes when showering. When this is done, one’s hand is able to feel different textures of the body and such messages are sent to the brain.

3. Interact with more people during the day. Scientific research shows that making more social interactions during the day helps with cognitive function. Go to the bank and withdraw money from a cashier than from the ATM machine.

4. Learn another language. Doing this also helps improve our cognitive function and also our memory.

5. Test your taste buds. When eating, try to see if you can indicate all the different ingredients in the food. In doing this, you are sending a signal to your brain to force it in recalling which improves memory as well as other parts of the brain.

6. Study another sport to what you know already. This can be, soccer, table tennis or yoga. Sticking to the one you know from childhood will not make your brain grow.

7. Change seats sometimes at dinner, classroom or other places. Doing this helps the brain learn from new experiences which does not make the brain dormant but increases its growth.

8. Try a new cooking method or learn how to prepare different food. In doing this we are challenging our brains to work more.

9. Turn images of friends and families upside down. This really helps because our right side of the brain will start to analyze the image, puzzle it to see if it can actually identify the right person. This really trains the brain.

10. Work out math not on paper but in your head sometimes when sitting or jogging. This also trains the mind to learn under pressure which is good for your cognitive function.

When the above fun brain exercises are practiced everyday, our memory, and cognitive function will no doubt increase.

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