Natural ways to improve brain memory

When looking for natural ways to improve brain memory, we are often pointed to a natural substance, herb, food or supplement. Several of these will be discussed. This article will also cover another method, one not often considered: fasting.

First, consider the wide array of foods one can ingest. At the top of the list we have raw vegetable juice. Juicing is a well known and popular means of obtaining a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Among the most effective vegetables to juice would be those of deep green color: spinach, kale and celery to name a few. They can be mixed with one’s favorite high water content fruit to make the juice tastier and easier to prepare. The result of which is a rush of energy and alertness, becoming one of our natural ways to improving brain memory. Other foods to consider would be those high in omega 3 fatty acids, namely cold water fish and nuts (almonds, cashews, brazil nuts).

Supplements can be used to provide some of the same nutrients found in the food/juice choices above. Magnesium tops the list, as it is perhaps the most likely deficient mineral in our diet. Magnesium is involved in over 300 chemical processes in the body, many of which are key in the areas of energy production, alertness and sound sleep. Other supplements thought to improve brain memory would be Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and ginkgo biloba.

The final method in natural ways to improve brain memory, a weekly fast performed between Friday and Sunday night. This particular type of short fast allows consumption of raw fruits and their freshly made juices, along with juicing of raw vegetables. There are several benefits to a weekly fast of this type. The most obvious would be an effective means of staying slim. A secondary benefit, and the topic of this article, would be enhanced alertness and mental clarity along with a general sense of well being. Our body gets a rest from its regular heavy digestive tasks, while being infused with concentrated nutrients from the raw fruits and juices.

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