Should you use brain boosting supplements?

Are you looking to increase your IQ? Or how about increasing your ability to concentrate and perform with a clear head over long periods of time? There are some highly effective things you can do using natural health approaches. So why not start today to boost your brainpower the natural health way with brain boosting supplements like Genbrain!

Optimizing the brain

To avoid fogginess, sluggishness, an inability to concentrate, or even moodiness and depression it is necessary to maintain a good symbiotic relationship between the brain and the microorganisms living in your body. The majority of these microorganisms are harmless, beneficial bacteria living in the gut. However, a lack of good nutrition and too much junk food can introduce some harmful parasitic microorganisms such as Candida. This not only affects intestinal health but also, in turn, affects hormonal balance and brain function causing the above and possibly other mental conditions.
The equation is simple:
Good intestinal health = physically healthy = mentally healthy

Some of brain boosting supplements

Herbs are extremely efficient in treating moodiness, poor memory, inability to concentrate and various brain disorders such as attention deficit disorder (ADHD). They improve all round cognitive function while helping to eradicate those harmful microorganisms such as Candida.
Ginseng is one of many excellent herbs for metabolic function, memory enhancement, improving concentration, stress reduction and increases energy levels. Other herbs that can contribute in the superior way plus more contributions included sage (noted for its potential in treating Alzheimer’s), rosemary (a pituitary gland stimulant among other contributions) and got a cola (anti-aging, memory enhancement and other cognitive functions).
B vitamins
B vitamins are essential for nervous function, metabolism, hormonal function and stress handling… Deficiency leads to depression, cognitive impairment… and physical illnesses.
In light of the above, for brain power enhancement and healing, I highly recommend choosing vitamin-B rich diets and good quality supplements.

Try this and note the differences it makes!

Good quality fats
The brain has a high fat content. Brain cells have a fatty sheath lining, so for optimum function a supply of good quality fats in the diet is essential. In particular, an omega-3 fat DHA (fatty acid) is a major building block making up the brain. Those who are vegetarians, particularly vegans, have to be careful not to run up a deficiency in this which could lead to depression and cognitive impairment. Supplementation of DHA is an essential. Learn to distinguish the difference between good quality fats and cheap, nasty trans-fats that make up junk food for a balanced diet.
Healthy oils
Oils such as oil of rosemary have been shown to have increased memory by as much as 75%.
Other essentials
Good nutrition for boosting brain power and optimum health should also include.
Vitamins C, E and D and minerals calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc are essentials. Then there’s choline used in nerve transmission and antioxidants needed. Antioxidants mop up potentially nasty free radicals that cause illness and aging.

Great brain boosting foods

Fill your shopping trolley with Avocados, leafy greens, berries, turmeric, cayenne and ginger and other fresh fruits and vegetables preferably of the organic kind which I will leave up to you do your research.
Get lots of good clean drinking water
The brain is built up of around 75% water so make sure you drink plenty of. Not coffee or pops… just water.

Research has repeatedly shown that regular exercise helps to maintain mental fitness as well as physical. It has even been shown to increase IQ as well as other cognitive enhancements. Hormone function also improves. Take a trip to the gym?!

Keep mentally active

In other words, use it or lose it. Play brain fitness games. This is capable of boosting IQ since intelligence is not a fixed thing…